A Relationship of Opposites


Relationship Realities

Two people who are complete opposites may originally be attracted to each other due to a specific event, or it could be just a physical attraction based on looks. If they are interested in forming a long term relationship, they should both be ready to find ways to make each other happy over the coming years. It probably will not be possible for them to completely change, but part of the pull between them could be their complete lack of commonalities.

Some people look at their own life, and they perceive flaws in who they are and how they interact socially. They could be a very quiet person with the feeling they need to be more outgoing. Exploring relationship realities could show they are constantly attracted to loud or boisterous people because that is what is missing in their own life. Living with that type of person could be difficult, but learning to be more outgoing could be an acceptable compromise for a couple.

While the attraction at the beginning of the relationship does not necessarily signify a permanent commitment between two people, it can happen. Opposites may find they need to make small changes to accommodate each other, and new habits can be learned fairly fast when both are determined to save their relationship.

Opposites do not have to live miserable lives together, and they can find they are filling in the voids missing in their own lives over time. Each person may find their partner’s habits and lifestyle are rubbing off over the years, and it could help them grow in good ways. Remaining together as opposites could be the happiest decision each of them has ever made.