A Relationship of Opposites


Forming New Paths

When two people find they are attracted to each other, they generally expect to have something in common. It may be only a physical attraction, so the likelihood of a long term relationship could be small. For those who have an emotional attachment with nothing else, forming new paths to create a relationship could be an enjoyable challenge. It may not work out in the long run, but giving it a real try could result in a lifetime attachment that makes both of them very happy.

Work is an area where two people can connect, but those without that in common could find it is a blessing. They do not have to compete against each other if they work for different companies in the same career. That alone could make two fairly incompatible people find a relationship with each other enticing, and it may make them work harder to find new ways to connect with each other. Being able to each out without compromising their careers could be a bonus.

Common interests are often a good way for two people to share parts of their lives, but those without them could find they need to choose something to do together. Creating ways to share interests could be a hunt that will let them explore what really fascinates them, and sharing it could become a great way for them to continue their relationship. Even if only one person has a particular passion, learning about it could help form a permanent bond between them.

Couples with something in common other than being attracted to each other may have a better chance of forming a bond, but the opposite could also be true. While they might start off with nothing more, adding in their own interests and passions could turn an impossible relationship into one that flourishes over a lifetime.