A Relationship of Opposites


Growing Together Over Time

Dating and relationships are not about being completely compatible, but they are about exploring the world and the couple’s interests together. While two people might begin their relationship as complete opposites, they could find they are growing together over time. It may take decades before they get close, yet the journey is all part of what brings them toward each other. Their progression could go unnoticed for a while, but discovering they are getting closer could enrich their lives immensely.

Habits that people have are often what touches off difficulties within a relationship. One person might prefer to drive fast, but the other person prefers to go slow. This could be a difference that breaks the two apart, but learning to live with a partner’s habits can be an important part of the relationship. If they can survive a car trip together, then they may find happiness when they reach their destination.

Basic expectations are another area where two people might find a lack of compatibility. Being able to expect a partner to find a decent job and stick with it could be an expectation of one person. Their partner may feel only one of them should work outside the home, and they could expect to be the one to remain at home raising the family. This could signify their relationship will soon fail, but it could simply be that each one has their own outlook on life. Being able to compromise could create a happy relationship between the pair.

Every person seeking a relationship with another will have their own set of goals and outlook on life, and being complete opposites at the start does not mean the relationship will fail. While it should not be expected they will agree on everything after a few years, growing together in habits and lifestyle may be the result when they are willing to compromise and find happiness together.