A Relationship of Opposites


Circle of Friends

Friendships form between two people for various reasons, but those acquired in childhood are often very telling. They can point out whether or not a couple with completely opposite personalities and lifestyles may be able to stay together over the long run. While a circle of friends are much more likely to ignore ingrained habits or personality traits, their acceptance can also help see where relationship compromises could be a possibility.

The loudness of a person’s voice and actions can often be a significant factor within a relationship. A quiet person might not appreciate a partner yelling during a game, or they could find musical enjoyment is lessened when the person they are falling in love with feels that only the top of the volume dial should be used when enjoying their favourite tunes. These are the types of habits that drive people away from each other, and they can often be observed when meeting with a partner’s friends.

If a person is boisterous in nature, it will often come out when they are in a comfortable social situation. Their behaviour could be extremely timid and quiet when around others outside their circle, but a day with friends can show they will eventually become louder and more physically active.

This could be a deal breaker between a couple, so it could be important to meet friends before the emotional side of the relationship gets too involved. Meeting friends in a casual atmosphere would be best, and it could lead to a decision to continue or to end the association.